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Networks, including Oil, Gas & Mining

MSGC offers complex solutions for oil and gas industry on creation of communication systems for the exploration, transportation, gas and oil production, as well as processed products. Services for exploration and production include  mobile communication systems based on automated self-deployed stations like "Vympel".

In the field of production gas and oil as well production of refined products, in places of residence of the staff offered solutions of the creation of satellite networks with dedicated channels and VSAT networks.

A remote quality control of pipelines, detection and prevention of accidents during gas and oil transportation takes a special place in the industry. To manage these challenges MSGC offers a communication system which base on VSAT networks with inexpensive small-sized terminals installed throughout the controlled pipeline, which transmit the received data from respective sensors to a single control center.

Mobile Network Backhaul

“Vympel-7” stations are used as mobile quickly deployed communication complex in telemedicine for connecting of ambulances with medical centers via satellite.

Satcom Solutions for Corporate Customers

Corporate customers is one of the main groups of Satcom clients. Companies with a distributed chain of remote offices or sites, owners of gas stations or ATM networks, SCADA users, SME/SOHO, etc., all of them are potential customers for Satcom service.


All Corporate customers regardless from their particular communication needs are very concerned about quality and security of services provided them by Network Operators.


Modern Satcom solutions based on both SCPC and VSAT technologies can meet all the requirements of Corporate customers.


In most cases Corporate customers are looking for the following communication services:


— Corporate voice/data/videoconferencing using VPN;


— High data rate links between HQ and remotes;


— Video monitoring and SCADA;


— Full communication package for Small Offices.

To use satcom solutions for implementation and/or development of Mobile Network Backhaul infrastructure is a well-known practice of Mobile Network Operators.


SATIS JSC, a mother company for MSGC, has a lot of experience in providing Backhaul service for all leading Mobile Network Operators in Russia.


SATIS JSC uses both SCPC and VSAT solutions to meet their strict requirements on channel parameters and service quality.

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